Welcome to the new blog for Wake Up Smiling Apparel. This small business is located in Sointula, British Columbia. Malcolm Island, a Northern Gulf Island, is the main feature seen in the photographs in the shop and on social media. The designs for the products are also inspired by this location on Canada's west coast.

We are surrounded by beauty. The forest and ocean offer many flora and fauna to explore and observe. Humpback and orca whales cruise the waterways; hemlocks and cedars tower to the sky. Finding contentment, laughter, and joy through our relationship with the world around us is the motivation behind Wake Up Smiling Apparel. This blog will be a place to find a variety of themes related to natural environments, smiling and laughter, and observing our surroundings, among other things that strike my fancy.

I hope you find your way back here to check out the latest blog chat.

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